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2004_Nov-9: Fujitsu Introduces 128-Mbit Mobile FCRAM Complying with COSMORAM Rev.3
2004_Nov-9: [Tokyo Motor Show] Mitsubishi Fuso Exhibits Pedestrian Monitoring System
2004_Nov-8: Toshiba Unveils Leadless GaAs MESFET SPDT Switch
2004_Nov-8: Matsushita Seeks Provisional Deposition against LG Electronics
2004_Nov-4: Hitachi GST Builds Disk Drive Manufacturing Center in Shenzhen
2004_Nov-4: NEC Electronics Europe, IAR Systems Launch Starter Kits
2004_Nov-4: TDK Introduces New Family of Low-Power Smart Card Interface ICs
2004_Nov-4: NEC Electronics, MontaVista Join Hands to Use Embedded Linux
2004_Nov-4: Toshiba Revises Full-Term Earnings Forecasts
2004_Nov-3: Renesas to Expand System LSI Design Activities in Vietnam
2004_Nov-3: Canon Logs Favorable 3Q Earnings Reflecting Healthy Digicam Sales
2004_Nov-3: Omron's Addition to Switch-Mode Power Supply Range Sets New Benchmark
2004_Nov-3: Spiderman 2 Compensates for Sony's Slump in AV Sales
2004_Nov-2: Sharp Introduces 45V-Inch Digital High-Definition TV
2004_Nov-1: ADI SoftFone Chipset, TTPCom Software Power New Sharp Camera Phone
2004_Nov-1: Renesas Technology Licenses ESD Protection Technology from Sarnoff
2004_Nov-1: SCE to Launch PSP in December 2004, with 20,790-Yen Price Tag
2004_Nov-1: TDK to Move Earlier Stages of HDD Magnetic Head Output to China
2004_Oct-29: Sharp Releases 1/1.8-Inch, 8-Megapixel CCD
2004_Oct-28: Showa Denko Enters Blue LED Market
2004_Oct-28: NEC Introduces Wireless RFID Tags in PC Production Lines
2004_Oct-28: KLA-Tencor Acquires Inspex's Wafer Inspection Business
2004_Oct-28: ITS World Congress: Denso Exhibits Linux Car Navigation System
2004_Oct-27: Sharp Ships IC Module for E-passports to Australian Government
2004_Oct-27: ITS World Congress: Hitachi Shows Car Navigation System with iVDR HDD
2004_Oct-27: Sanyo Developing Chipset for Wireless USB
2004_Oct-26: ITS World Congress: Fujitsu Ten Exhibits New Type Milliwave Radar, Digital Broadcast-Supporting TV Tuner
2004_Oct-25: Nissan Exhibits IEEE1394-Compatible Multimedia Car
2004_Oct-25: NEC Displays Notebook PC with Built-in Fuel Cell
2004_Oct-25: Mitsubishi Releases 4-Megapixel Camera Module for Mobile Phones
2004_Oct-22: Toshiba-Matsushita LCD Panel Provides Enhanced Viewing Security
2004_Oct-21: Spansion Expands System Engineering Capabilities at Design Centers
2004_Oct-21: ITS World Congress: Toyota Reveals Latest Safety Driving Technologies
2004_Oct-21: NEC to Ship Water-Cooled PC Server in December
2004_Oct-20: Shinko Electric Develops 10 x 10mm Module for RFID Tag Reader/Writer
2004_Oct-19: Intelligent Cruise Control, Low-Speed Following System Featured in Nissan's New Fuga Sedan
2004_Oct-18: Toshiba to Make FPGAs for Xilinx Using 90nm Technology, 300mm Wafer
2004_Oct-18: KDDI to Start Music Download Service for Mobile Phones
2004_Oct-18: Victor to Commercialize NA 0.95 Lens for Mobile Blu-ray Disc Players
2004_Oct-17: NTT DoCoMo to Unveil Business-Use FOMA Cell Phones
2004_Oct-14: Toshiba Unveils 90nm SoC with 30Mb, 600MHz DRAM for Car Navigation Systems
2004_Oct-14: AMD's APM Technology Facilitates Fab Transition
2004_Oct-14: Honda Releases New Legend
2004_Oct-14: ISOM'04: Next-Gen Technologies, 200GB Blu-ray Disc Media Introduced
2004_Oct-12: NTT DoCoMo to Co-Promote W-CDMA with Qualcomm
2004_Oct-12: Matsushita Components Develops ESD-Filter with 3218 Size
2004_Oct-12: Power Systems Demonstrates Dual Electric Layer Capacitor
2004_Oct-12: Toyoda Gosei Shows 32V-Inch LCD Monitor with White LED Backlight
2004_Oct-12: ANALYSIS: Japan's Online Music-Delivery Business Heating Up
2004_Oct-11: Mitsumi Exhibits 180mW Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting Tuner Module
2004_Oct-11: NEC Hits World's Top Output of 300mW with Blue-Violet Laser
2004_Oct-11: Qualcomm, NTT DoCoMo Join to Promote Global WCDMA Deployment
2004_Oct-11: KDDI to Commercialize Fuel Cell-Powered Mobile Phones in Two Years


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