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Korea Watch

2004_Apr-22: Import Ban on Samsung SDI Plasma Displays May Lead to Higher Prices
2004_Apr-21: Ubiquitous ID Organizations to Found Centers in China, Korea
2004_Apr-21: Samsung Electronics Rises, Nokia Falls in World Wireless Handset Market
2004_Apr-21: TFT-LCD Market to Exceed Memory Chip Market in Size, Dataquest Says
2004_Apr-16: China, Korea Embrace Japan Smart-Tag Standards
2004_Apr-15: Digital TVs to Reach 60-70% of Television Sales
2004_Apr-14: Notebook PCs with Intel Centrino Chips Take Large Share
2004_Apr-14: Supply Glut Looms for Memory Chips
2004_Apr-13: Samsung Exhibits 400ppi-Equivalent LCD Panel for Cell Phones at EDEX
2004_Apr-13: Samsung's LCD Sales Expected to Exceed 10 Trillion Won in 2004
2004_Apr-13: PATENT POLICY: Fujitsu Head Calls Tech Rights Source of Competitiveness
2004_Apr-12: Korean IT Exports Record All-Time High in March
2004_Apr-10: ANIME BUSINESS: Korean Firms Emerging as Major Rivals
2004_Apr-8: ANALYSIS: Japan Firms Strengthen Resolve to Tackle Patent Infringement
2004_Apr-7: DRAM Prices Surge to US$6
2004_Apr-7: Fujitsu Sues Samsung over Plasma Panel Patents
2004_Apr-7: SK Telecom Unveils Home Security Service
2004_Apr-5: Japan, China, Korea to Jointly Develop 4G Cell Phone Technology
2004_Apr-4: Japan, China, Korea Agree to Standardize Linux
2004_Apr-2: Samsung Electronics Remains Top Supplier of LCD Driver ICs for Second Straight Year
2004_Apr-2: Samsung Electronics Holds Roof-Raising Ceremony for Seventh-Generation LCD Panel Lines
2004_Apr-1: Korean Cell Phone Operators Seek to Expand Influence in Overseas Markets
2004_Mar-31: Samsung Begins Mass Production of MultiMedia Cards
2004_Mar-31: Hynix Develops DDR2 Chips for Notebook PCs
2004_Mar-31: Japan, China, Korea to Jointly Support Linux
2004_Mar-30: Global Chipmakers Set to Invest 38% More in '04
2004_Mar-29: KT to Initiate Wireless Internet Roaming Service in Japan
2004_Mar-29: LG Electronics, Skylife Seal Alliance to Push TVs, Broadcasting Services
2004_Mar-29: Korean Companies Reap US$200 Million Worth of Contracts at CeBIT Show
2004_Mar-26: Samsung Electronics to Invest Heavily in Memory Chip Line
2004_Mar-26: SK Telecom Sets Up Strategic Alliance with Verizon on Wireless Service
2004_Mar-26: Samsung Sets Up Alliance with Germany's T-Com
2004_Mar-25: Korea's PDA Market Expected to Expand 63% in 2004
2004_Mar-25: LG Electronics Sees February Sales Rise 27% on Brisk Demand for Mobile Phones
2004_Mar-24: RFMD Announces CDMA PA Shipments to Korean CDMA Handsets OEM
2004_Mar-24: TFT-LCD Market Divided by Competition of Samsung/Sony and LG.Philips/Sharp
2004_Mar-24: Samsung Electronics Showcases Innovative Products at CTIA
2004_Mar-23: Samsung Electronics to Pay LG Electronics Royalties for Digital TV Transmission
2004_Mar-23: Electronics, Chips and Machinery Up, Textiles and Construction Down for Q2 2004


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