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  • Digital Interface Standards in Progress for LCD Monitors
  • December 1, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Efforts to unify multiple standards for the digital interfaces supporting liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors are beginning to move forward.
    A variety of interested groups plan to start negotiations aiming for a unified standard, an industry source said.

    Involved in the negotiations are Digital Interface Standards for Monitor Working Group (DISM WG), a body affiliated with the Japan Electronic Industry Development Association (JEIDA), and Digital Display Working Group (DDWG), a voluntary group led by such companies as Intel Corp. and Microsoft Corp. of the United States.

    The DISM WG and the DDWG are expected to announce the standards in February 1999.

    Initially, the DISM WG had sought to complete the standardization in November 1998. However, since the DDWG was established in September 1998, both organizations agreed to enter into negotiations. The DISM WG is reported to have decided to postpone the announcement until the Intel Developer Forum scheduled for February 1999.

    According to industry sources, the DISM WG and DDWG appeared to have reached an agreement to employ a transmission method called TMDS (Transmission Minimized Differential Signaling) -- a 26-pin connector -- for the interface for PC display monitors.

    Also, the DISM WG plans to enter into negotiations with the Timing Summit, whose parent body is the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). The main purpose of the negotiations is expected to be centered around software specifications. Both the DISM WG and the DDWG hope to launch products based on the interfaces conforming to the unified standard by the summer of 1999.

    The VESA, a graphics standardization organization in the United States, and the DFP, a group led by such companies as Canada's ATI Technologies Inc. and Compaq Computer Corp. of the United States, also have proposed their respective standards and products conforming to the standards.

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