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  • Plasma TV Market Develops in Taiwan
  • December 4, 1998 (TAIPEI) -- Plasma television is regarded as a next-generation product in Taiwan, and manufacturers already are busy introducing the high-tech TV into the country.
    Local home appliance companies, such as Proton Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. and Sampo Corp., also plan to exhibit their first models of plasma TVs soon.

    In 1997, many local companies began research and development of plasma TVs.

    Advanced Information Inc., an affiliate of the Acer Group, is devoted to the R&D; of plasma display panels (PDPs). The company is expected to start mass production in 1999.

    Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd. also lists PDPs as one of its R&D; targets in the coming year.

    Sampo was the first local firm to get involved in plasma TV R&D;, and the company's 42-in. model is scheduled to debut soon.

    However, Sampo admits that the model has VGA-level visual quality and is targeted at corporate customers, so it may not be appealing to household users.

    Pioneer Electronic (Taiwan) Corp. recently exhibited a 50-in. model that sells for NT$590,000.

    Pioneer has sold five sets in the short time since the product's debut, which the company said shows the great potential of the local market.

    Proton also recently introduced a 42-in. plasma TV.

    However, the company has no plans for mass production in the near future, as prices of such products are still too high.

    (Commercial Times, Taiwan)

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