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  • Company to Reveal Hacking Secrets in Security Seminars
  • December 17, 1998 (TOKYO) -- International Network Security K.K. said that it will hold seminars for specialists on network security, aimed at network administrators in large companies, starting from January.
    Seminar participants will learn about hacking techniques from professionals engaged in penetration testing (mock attempts to illegally penetrate a network). The aim is to broaden skills in practical computer security measures.

    The seminars will begin by teaching the basics about network protocols and firewall design, and move on to attack methods that use actual hacking tools. By the end of the course, participants will be able to penetrate networks by themselves, utilizing the tools and hacking techniques they have learned.

    The course does not simply impart knowledge, according to International Network Security. It includes hands-on practice in attacking International Network Security's computer network and the networks of companies that have given prior approval.

    Crossbar Security Inc. of the United States, which has a partnership arrangement with International Network Security, will provide a team of penetration testing specialists to teach the advanced course for those requiring a high level of technical expertise. The team will include Mark Abene, president of Crossbar Security, who became notorious early in life as a computer hacker.

    Fees for the seminars will be around 3 million yen (US$25,950) for the Security Experts Course (comprising nine days) for beginners to intermediate levels, and around 6 million yen for the Security Professionals Course (totaling 24 days) for intermediate to advanced levels.

    These fees are not inexpensive. However, an increasing number of companies need in-house experts capable of implementing strong computer network security measures.

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