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  • Desktop PC Retail Prices in Japan Fall Unexpectedly in Nov.
  • December 21, 1998 (TOKYO) -- The average retail price of desktop/tower personal computers in Japan fell unexpectedly to as low as 246,196 yen (US$2,125) as of Nov. 17.
    That's down by 10,966 yen (US$95), or 4 percent, compared with October. This is the result of a survey on retail prices of PCs carried out by "Nikkei Best PC," a PC purchase guide, and compiled by Nikkei Market Access.

    According to the survey, prices of notebook PCs did not fluctuate, staying at 278,449 yen (US$2,400), up 0.2 percent, or 425 yen, from the average observed in the previous month.

    As the winter models of PC manufacturers were out on the counter in early November this year, the winter sales battle already started in earnest. The decline of over-the-counter prices in November was considered less likely, since demand centering on high-end notebook PCs and desktop PCs equipped with an LCD monitor was expected to be quite high.

    The retail prices of notebook PCs have leveled off. But those of desktop PCs have declined. This indicates that the number of over-the-counter, low-end models being sold for prices as low as 100,000 yen (US$860) is increasing.

    The findings reveal that the number of the models priced around 100,000 yen accounts for more than 20 percent of all desktop models at the shop front. Compaq Computer KK's PRESARIO series using the M II 300 processor from Cyrix Inc. list for around 128,000 yen (US$1,100). And IBM Japan Ltd.'s Aptiva D series with the IBM 300 processor list for 148,000 yen (US$1,280) at many stores.

    More models priced at less than 200,000 yen (US$1,730) are equipped with Intel-compatible processors and are prevailing with Intel Corp.'s Celeron in terms of number.

    The fact that over-the-counter models with compatible processors are gaining credibility may impact the corporate market. It is worth watching whether there will be growth in the marketability of US$1,000 PCs in Japan.

    Nikkei Best PC conducts the survey on a regular basis, investigating the retail price of mainstay models at 14 volume PC shops in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. It publishes the survey every month.

    Nikkei Market Access releases in Asia BizTech retail prices of PCs at large shops. The results of this investigations are classified by type. The prices surveyed by shop and type as of Nov. 17 are published in the January edition of "Nikkei Best PC."

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    (Nikkei Market Access)

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