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  • Kyoto Sangyo Univ. Places Linux Order with IBM Japan
  • December 28, 1998 (TOKYO) -- IBM Japan Ltd. and Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. announced that they received an order for building a large-scale Linux classroom system from Kyoto Sangyo University.
    The classroom system will enable students to study both Linux and Windows NT, and it consists of one Netfinity 5000 management server and 603 units of Netfinity 3000 for students. The system is slated for use starting in April 1999. Fuji Xerox will be responsible for maintenance and operations management.

    On the choice of Linux, Nobuo Tsubouchi, a specialist at the Computer Center of Kyoto Sangyo University said, "We can create a UNIX environment at far lower costs than employing UNIX workstations."

    Also, Tsubouchi said that a UNIX environment is required for students majoring in engineering and sciences for programming and for writing papers, as well as for students learning the Hebrew language. However, a purchase of 600 units of business-purpose UNIX machines is beyond the university's budget.

    He said that the university compared the benchmark test results of a mid-range model from a workstation maker and a Linux model with a 333MHz Pentium II processor, and found that the Linux model had a better system performance. This was one of the main factors that encouraged the university to select Linux, Tsubouchi noted.

    The university placed the order as part of the program to enhance its information system. Also, the university plans to install 109 Macintosh computers, 10 servers and 1,024 units of 15-in. TFT-LCD monitors.

    The Netfinity 3000 is a departmental server based on an IBM PC AT compatible machine. When the Netfinity 3000 is delivered, all the 603 units will be equipped with the Linux environment developed by the university on the basis of "TurboLinux 3.0" of Pacific HiTech, Inc. and the Windows NT4.0 workstation version. The keyboards and mouse units will be changed for the UNIX operation.

    Microsoft Office97 and various types of statistical software will run on Windows NT, and "Applixware" office software, development environments and various kinds of shareware will run on Linux.

    The university plans to employ business-purpose UNIX for the server machines and FreeBSD, a free PC-UNIX OS to ensure interoperability with its current systems. FreeBSD showed a high level of performance as a file server in verification tests of business-purpose UNIX, FreeBSD and Linux.

    The university intends to run the Linux client machines by replacing a program of the NFS section, and will release information about the verification test.

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