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  • Apple Japan Begins Loan Campaign for iMac Buyers
  • November 18, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Apple Japan Inc. began a loan campaign called "Apple Smart Loan" to enable customers to buy its iMac personal computer and peripherals at favorable rates.
    Customers can borrow up to 200,000 yen (US$1,690) at a low interest rate of 1 percent per year. The campaign will be effective from Nov. 13 to Jan. 17, 1999.

    For this campaign, Apple Japan formed a tie-up with Orient Corp., a major credit sales company. During the campaign period, users will be able to purchase iMac and peripheral devices at the interest rate of 1 percent at participating retailers. The campaign is Apple's first effort of this type.

    There were 115 retailers taking part in the campaign as of Nov. 14. Apple said it expects the number of participating retailers to increase as it wraps up negotiations.

    In this campaign, users will be able to take out a loan for up to 36 months. For example, if the user purchases the iMac with add-on memory for a total amount of 200,000 yen to be paid in 36 installments, then the total amount he or she actually pays will be only 203,098 yen, which is considerably better than other loans available. The user may also choose 12 installments or 24 installments to pay off.

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