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  • Gov't Economic Stimulus Package to Upgrade Telecom Network
  • November 19, 1998 (TOKYO) -- The Japanese government's package of emergency economic measures includes projects in the information and communications field, promotion of the next-generation Internet, a program to enhance the optical-fiber network and practical use of the intelligent transport system (ITS).
    The government decided on a package of emergency economic measures comprising 17.9 trillion yen (US$148.8 billion) to stimulate business activities and more than 6 trillion yen (US$49.8 billion) in tax cuts. The decision was made during a meeting of cabinet ministers on economic measures held Nov. 16.

    On the basis of the economic package, the government will work out the third supplementary budget plan for 1998. It will be submitted to an extraordinary Diet session scheduled for Nov. 27.

    The information and communications-related items in the projects state that:

    (1) In order to formulate the "establishment of a new nation with leading-edge electronics technology," it is necessary to promote the next-generation Internet plan and electronic government (electronic processing of administrative procedures) and improve the next- generation communications network;

    (2) The electronic toll collection system (ETC) must be realized in the near future, and the world's first smart roadway and smart car should be built by 2003.

    As concerns the next-generation communications network, the government plan states that Japan's network environment can be completely renewed by lowering communications costs and improving the optical-fiber network and cable TV (CATV) network, to increase the use of those networks.

    And to improve social infrastructure projects including those for information and communications, the government will set aside 5.7 trillion yen (US$47.4 billion) for general public works and 1.8 trillion yen (US$15 billion) for non-public works projects.

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