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  • Entrust Technology, Secom to Sell CA Software to Financial Institutions
  • September 14, 1998 (TOKYO) - Entrust Technologies Inc. of the United States at the end of this month will start selling software to construct a certified authority (CA) for Japanese financial institutions.
    It will do so via Secom Co., Ltd., a leading security system and service provider, a company spokesman announced.

    Entrust Technologies, a developer of user certificate software, tied up with Secom in June for sales distribution in Japan. Secom serves as a general sales agent in Japan for the U.S. firm.

    The CA system consists of Entrust/PKI, basic software, and some packages which run on the software. The packages include WebCA, software to certify users of World Wide Web sites, and CommerceCA, software to issue electronic certificates in accordance with the Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) standard, an international protocol for credit card settlements. With these packages, corporate users will be able to construct and operate CA by themselves.

    In Japan, corporate users have often entrusted issuing of electronic certificates to a third party organization such as providers of electronic certificate services, including VeriSign Japan KK and CyberTrust Japan Inc.

    However, John Ryan, chief executive officer and president of the U.S. software developer, said many U.S. corporate users, such as financial institutions and manufacturers which have information on their customers and confidential information, are reluctant to entrust the works to a third party organization. Such companies opt to operate CA by themselves, he explained.

    He added that companies with their own CA system can also back up, regularly update or cancel their encryption key.

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