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News from NET and COM '99

  • ASMI to Serve as DRAM Microchip Foundry for Fujitsu
  • February 16, 1999 (TAIPEI) -- Acer Semiconductor Manufacturing Inc. (ASMI) signed a contract with Fujitsu Ltd. of Japan covering DRAM microchip technical and foundry cooperation.
    ASMI was formerly known as TI-Acer.

    Under the agreement, ASMI will produce 64Mb DRAM microchips and a new generation of DRAMs for the Tokyo-based company. The three-year agreement will start in the second quarter of this year.

    The contract will add Fujitsu to ASMI's list of technology partners, along with the U.S.-based Texas Instruments Inc. and IBM Corp.

    The cooperation will enable ASMI to upgrade its DRAM production technology from the current level of 0.28 micron, to 0.22 micron. This compares with the prevailing 0.25-micron technology.

    ProMOS Technology Inc. is the leading producer of 64Mb DRAM microchips in Taiwan, with monthly capacity exceeding 5 million units. It is followed by Winbond Electronics Corp., at 4 million units, and Powerchip Semiconductor Corp. at 3 million units.

    Macronix International Co., Ltd. started the production of 64Mb microchips in February. Meanwhile, Vanguard International Semiconductor Corp. and Nan Ya Technology Corp., along with ASMI, plan to start making the chips in the second quarter.

    ASMI's chairman Stan Shih said the success of the company's 64Mb DRAM business will determine whether it will generate a profit this year. He added that the business ties with Fujitsu will help ASMI establish a tailor-made wafer foundry service.

    Separately, ASMI also signed a foundry contract in January with U.S.-based Silicon Storage Technology Inc., with delivery to start in January 2000. The contract covers SuperFlash microchip technology.

    (Commercial Times, Taiwan)

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