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New Year Special Features '99

  • Mitsubishi Electric to Halt Output of Color PDPs
  • January 12, 1999 (TOKYO) -- Mitsubishi Electric Corp. said that it will halt production of color plasma display panels (PDPs) for an unspecified period.
    Although demand for commercial color PDPs is increasing, Japan's PDP market remains small, at about 100,000 panels a year. The devices are used as display panels at train stations, airports and other locations.

    According to Mitsubishi Electric, its color PDP business continues to register losses.

    The company reviewed its business after suffering a consolidated loss of about 106 billion yen (US$950 million) in its fiscal year ended March 1998. It decided to suspend the production of the color PDP devices as part of its strategy to stop its unprofitable businesses.

    Mitsubishi Electric will concentrate on enhancing panel resolution and brightness as well as technologies to reduce the costs of PDP manufacturing in its development of new products.

    "The company has no concrete plans to resume the PDP operation, but production will start again after the market expands," a Mitsubishi Electric official said.

    As concerns mass production of color PDPs, makers have begun to split into two groups. They are a group promoting mass production, which includes NEC Corp. and Fujitsu Ltd., and the opposite group, which takes a wait-and-see stance, including Mitsubishi, Hitachi Ltd. and Matsushita Electronics Corp.

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