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New Year Special Features '99

  • Computer Crimes Pose Threat to China Networks
  • January 14, 1999 (BEIJING) -- Computer crimes are on the rise in China and pose a grave threat to national security, according to a recent report.
    Such crimes include stealing confidential technological and economic information, spreading pornography on the Web and hacking into public networks,

    According to the Beijing-based "Outlook Weekly," although accurate figures for computer crimes are not yet available, it is clear that the number is on the rise.

    It claimed that the illegal activities have severely damaged the country's banking network, noting that the most harmful computer crime in recent years cost RMB21 million (US$2.5 million), and more than 180 cases related to computer crimes have been handled so far.

    The Ministry of Public Security found the situation alarming after examining the computer security system network in the country's banking, government and public networks in 1996.

    Measures to prevent outside attacks are absent in most of the computers serving in the country's securities exchanges, according to the report.

    So far, China has no specific law combating computer crime, though the revised Criminal Law, coming into effect in October 1997, contains articles concerning computer crimes.

    (Xinhua News Agency)

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