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  • Most Young People in Urban China Lack Internet Access
  • January 26, 1999 (BEIJING) -- About 70 percent of young people in China's urban centers have no access to the Internet, according to a survey conducted by the China Youth Research Center and the China Youth Development Foundation.
    Experts said there is still much progress to be made before the Internet becomes truly popular among Chinese youth.

    The survey was conducted in nine cities and provinces including Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Henan province, and more than 6,500 people aged 14 to 28 were interviewed.

    When asked about their attitude toward the Internet, 66.4 percent of the respondents including students, workers, teachers and civil servants noted that the Internet is a new method of communication.

    However, 69.1 percent of the respondents said they have no access to the Internet. Only 1.9 percent said they are Internet fans, and 3.4 percent said they use the Internet quite often.

    A total of 6.6 percent of the youth said they have no desire to use the Internet, and 6 percent said they hadn't heard of it.

    (Xinhua News Agency)

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