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  • Restaurant Applies Linux to Extranet Linking 70 Outlets
  • March 1, 1999 (TOKYO) -- New Tokyo Restaurant Co., Ltd., a major food-service company, said it will build a system for placing and receiving orders for 70 outlets via an extranet linked to about 30 business partners, including food wholesalers.
    The system is expected to be in full operation by May. Linux has been chosen as the server operating system, and Apache as the Web server software.

    New Tokyo Restaurant, which has about 170 outlets, decided to use Linux because of its low cost and stable operability. In the first stage, 70 shops will be covered by the system, the restaurant company said.

    The New Tokyo headquarters will manage purchase orders, to build an efficient ordering process and cut distribution costs.

    The resulting business streamlining is expected to reduce the costs of ordering and distribution operations. Those costs currently total about 12 billion yen annually (USS$98.7 million). The company hopes to slash the costs by some 500 million yen. Its investment in the new technology will total about 20 million yen.

    A server designed for receiving/placing orders was installed at NT Trading Corp. (NTC), a New Tokyo subsidiary for the distribution business. Each restaurant will send purchase order data to the server via ISDN lines.

    NTC collects data from all shops and divides them into groups by supplier. Using this method, the suppliers access the server daily to confirm information such as requested goods and the quantity for the next day.

    New Tokyo completed first-phase intranets in 1995, linking together the headquarters, shops and subsidiaries.

    In the new system, suppliers and business partners are connected via PCs with Internet access. Almost all related businesses are expected to collaborate.

    Also, New Tokyo announced a plan to study the feasibility of adopting Linux database software.

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