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  • G3 Boards for Macintosh Computers See Brisk Sales
  • April 3, 1998 (TOKYO) -- The new upgraded board for Apple Computer Inc.'s Macintosh computers, featuring the PowerPC G3, is selling at a brisk pace in Japan.
    Users of conventional Power Macintosh computers have two reasons to choose the upgrade board without buying new models. Upgrading can match the performance of the latest new models. Also, upgrading can achieve greater expandability than Apple's G3 machine when combined parts are optimized.

    With a CPU upgrade only, it was impossible to expect the same performance as the latest model on the same CPU due to the older architecture, including the bus clock. In the PowerPC G3 a high-speed cache memory called backside cache is used, and this makes possible a CPU performance of the same level as that of an upgraded model.

    On the issue of expandability, many Macintosh users are dissatisfied with Apple's G3 machine having only three PCI slots and memory slots. Some existing models have six PCI slots and eight memory slots. Upgrading those models' CPUs to the PowerPC G3 improves performance and expandability.

    Analysts warn that strong sales of G3-upgraded boards by a third party might lead to shrinking sales of Apple's new standard G3 machines in the short run. Apple Japan Inc. said that such introductions are helpful to improve the expandability of Macintosh machines, and that therefore they are welcome in the market.

    Newer Technology Inc. of the United States and Interware Co., Ltd. of Japan, which both sell the upgrade boards, are planning to ship the G3 upgraded products for specific models including notebook PCs.

    A new 300MHz PowerPC G3 model has been released, which adds to the line of 233MHz and 266MHz PowerPC G3 computers.

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