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  • Kenwood to Ship 40x CD-ROM Drives for OEMs
  • April 8, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Kenwood Corp. and ZEN Research Inc. of the United States jointly developed 40x CD-ROM drives with an average high transmission speed of 6MB/sec.
    The drives will be supplied on an OEM basis from the beginning of April 1998.

    The most distinguished feature is that the drive reads data equivalent to 7 tracks at once, with a high transmission speed, while maintaining revolution and linear velocities at a low level. The 6MB transmission speed is equivalent to 40x speed.

    Having adopted a constant linear velocity revolution system, the disk can read from internal circumference to external circumference with a 40x speed constantly, while revolution speed is only 9x speed.

    Revolution speed is kept low at 4,500 rpm for internal circumference and 1,800 rpm for external circumference, so it is not affected by disk quality compared to other high-revolution CD-ROMs of constant angular velocity (CAV) systems, especially for the external circumference.

    In reading the data, it reads 7 tracks by 7 beams at once and moves the data for 5 tracks after having turned the CD-ROM disk one revolution. It takes 2MB DRAM to store the data and link the data read before and after the move.

    The interface is ATAPI, and SCSI will eventually be shipped. The seek time is 70 milliseconds. The laser wavelength is 780 nanometers.

    External size is 148mm wide x 42.5mm high x 201mm deep. It weighs approximately 890g.

    The planned sample price is US$350 per unit.

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