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  • TSMC Achieves 90 Pct. Yield at New Microchip Plant
  • April 13, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) said its new microchip plant, called FAB 5, achieved a 90 percent yield after it started operations in late 1997.
    TSMC provided information on microchip plant yields at a forum held April 6 in Tokyo.

    Three plants that started operating before 1993, FAB 1, FAB 2A and FAB 2B, required as long as two years to raise their yields to the level of 90 percent, according to the company.

    TSMC said its FAB 3 took about six months to attain that yield after it started production in 1995, and FAB 5 achieved that yield just after it started up in 1997.

    Its FAB 4 took about a year to achieve a 90 percent yield after its operations started in 1996. However, that was due to sluggish orders and a limitation on production output, and not due to any technical difficulties, the company explained.

    TSMC also unveiled its plan to increase production. Its annual production capacity (on a 200mm wafer basis) will reach 1,673,000 wafers in 1998, and 2,137,000 wafers in 1999. Half of the wafers will be processed using a 0.35-micron or smaller design rule in 1998 and two-thirds of the wafers in 1999 will be processed using that design rule or smaller.

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