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  • Ele Hitachi to Produce 0.18-micron, Cell-based ICs
  • April 14, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Hitachi Ltd. said it will start producing cell-based ICs, a kind of application specific integrated circuit, using 0.18-micron complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) process technology.
    The company will start accepting orders for products in June 1998.

    The gate length of a transistor is 0.2 micrometers, and effective channel length is 0.18 micrometers.

    High integration, low-power consumption and high performance have been attained using the leading-edge technology. Its integration density has been raised up to 25 million gates per chip, five times that of the company's current products using 0.35-micron gate length, company officials said.

    The new product's power consumption has been reduced to 0.04 microWatt per gate MHz at 1.8V, one-fifth that of current products. An optional function can be installed to reduce its stand-by power consumption.

    With the gate delay time of 75 picoseconds and maximum operation frequency of 400MHz, its performance has been raised about three times that of current products, company officials said. It has five metal layers.

    The company has prepared a library of about 600 kinds of cells to make logic synthesis effectively, memory compilers and simulation models that enable users to design RAMs and ROMs coherently on a workstation and other software.

    A 100-296 pin quad flat package (QFP), a QFP with heat spreader, a 352 pin ball grid array (BGA), a 135-401 pin grid array (PGA) and a 112-264 pin chip size package (CSP) are available as packages for the new ICs.

    A 5-million gate microchip packaged in a 352-pin BGA will be 50,000 yen (US$376) when purchased in bulk (minimum 10,000 units).

    Information is available in English at: http://www.hitachi.co.jp/New/cnews/E/980406B.html

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