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  • Fujitsu, Sun to Develop Solaris With Intel Chip
  • April 15, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Fujitsu Ltd. said that it tied up with Sun Microsystems Inc. of the United States in the UNIX Solaris business on April 9.
    Fujitsu will sell and support Sun's Solaris server with Intel Corp.'s new microprocessor and it will collaborate on development of Solaris for Intel's next-generation microprocessor.

    Also, Fujitsu will introduce an Intel-based Solaris server for its Granpower 5000 series PC servers. It plans to start selling the server in Japan and Asia by June. And the Tokyo-based computer company will send engineers to support Intel's 64-bit Merced microprocessor version Solaris, which Sun is developing.

    Fujitsu already provides SPARC-based Solaris servers and Intel- based Windows NT servers.

    Junji Maeyama, group president of Fujitsu's software group, said that the aim of introducing the Intel-based Solaris server is to broaden customer choices.

    "Solaris is ahead of NT in terms of reliability and security as an operating system for servers," Maeyama said, explaining his preferences for Solaris.

    Intel's Merced is expected to lead the 64-bit microprocessor race for servers.

    Keikichi Honda, chairman of Nihon Sun Microsystems K.K., said that Fujitsu's advanced technology may help Sun's Solaris take the initiative in terms of the operating system for Merced.

    A news release is available in English at: http://www.fujitsu.co.jp/hypertext/news/1998/Apr/9- e.html

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