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  • Seiko Instruments to Sell Wristwatch-Type PDAs
  • April 15, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Seiko Instruments Inc. said it will soon begin shipments of two new wristwatch-type personal digital assistants (PDAs) called "Wearable PC Ruputer MP110" and "Wearable PC Ruputer Pro MP120."
    The devices will be used to display personal information manager (PIM) data, maps, and text data on a 102 x 64 dot, black and white STN liquid crystal display (LCD) screen with a back-light.

    The Seiko Ruputer devices are equipped with the company's own operating system and they are capable of exchanging data with PCs using Windows 95. The company said that users will feel as if they are wearing an ordinary wristwatch (See chart.). The devices weigh approximately 67g and are water- resistant.

    The two Ruputer models will be on sale from June 10. The MP110, which has a 512KB flash memory, will cost 38,000 yen (US$295), and the MP120, with a 2MB flash memory, will be priced at 48,000 yen (US$372).

    Both models will enable users to freely carry data around with them for use outside the home or office. They can be used like today's PDA devices, with the added advantage that they are smaller and lighter, and can be worn.

    Also, they are shock-resistant to a level equal to that of ordinary wristwatches. If a Ruputer is dropped on a carpeted floor from a height of around 1m, no damage should result.

    The Ruputers measure about 50mm (width) by 40mm (depth) by 10mm (thick). Actual dimensions are not yet available because the Ruputers are still in the prototype stage. When being worn, the users will feel as if it were a slightly thicker-than-normal wristwatch.

    The Ruputers are operated by four buttons on the sides of the main body, and a pointing device on top.

    The main use for the Ruputers is for viewing data downloaded from a PC and stored in the memory. However, it is also possible to input data via the pointing device.

    Connection to Windows 95 PCs is done through a special interface cable supplied as standard with the devices.

    Also, it is possible for communications to be carried out via infrared links, using the amplitude shift keying (ASK) format developed by Sharp Corp. Infrared communications can be used to create a link and exchange data between two Ruputers, or between a Ruputer and a Sharp Zaurus PDA device.

    Both types of Ruputer models will come pre-installed with several PIM applications, including a scheduler and an address book, accessories including a file manager, a clock, a calculator and a timer. They also feature other software applications including text/image data viewers.

    Data transfer/management applications for use with Windows 95 PCs will be supplied with each device.

    The Ruputers can handle both text and image data. For text, the devices use the DOS text data format, and for images, they employ their own original format. For images to be viewed on the devices, they will come supplied with software that allows JPEG, GIF and bitmap image data to be converted on the PC before being downloaded.

    Seiko aims for annual sales of 100,000 units. The devices will be sold through PC dealers and shops that sell home electric appliances. They won't be sold through sales channel for wristwatches.

    Chart: "Wearable PC Ruputer"

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