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  • PC With 200MHz K6 Processor on Sale For 119,000 Yen
  • April 16, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Takagi Industrial Co., Ltd., a PC maker specializing in direct sales, began selling a new PC with the AMD K6 CPU (200MHz) or IDT WinChip C6 CPU (225MHz) at a price of 119,000 yen (US$915) on April 13.
    The price does not include a display, but the PCs have Windows 95 pre-installed, Takagi Industrial said.

    Takagi Industrial's K6 model is called the PAT K6200, and the C6 model is called the PAT C6225. The company said that the PAT K6200D and PAT C6225D, which include 15-in. displays, are available at 148,000 yen (US$1,140).

    The only difference in the two products is the CPU. The motherboard for both PCs is the AOpen AX5T, featuring the ATX specification developed by Acer of Taiwan.

    The chipset used is Intel Corp.'s 430TX. Both PCs include a 512KB secondary cache memory, a standard main memory of 32MB EDO DRAM, and a 2.1GB HDD, Takagi Industrial said.

    The graphics board, installed in the PCI bus, is Acer's AOpen PT- 70, which includes a 3-dimensional 64-bit "ViRGE/DX" graphics chip of S3 Inc. of the United States, and a 4MB graphics EDO DRAM. A 24x CD-ROM drive and an FDD also are available.

    The expansion slots equipped are PCI x 3, PCI/ISA x 1 and ISA x 3, with PCI x 1 and ISA x 1 already occupied, the company said.

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