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  • Vocalis Delivers Speech Recognition Services
  • April 27, 1998 (MANILA) -- Vocalis Inc., a provider of speech recognition technology and telephone-related solutions, announced the first delivery of automated operator service applications though Digital Telecommunications Philippines Inc. (DIGITEL).
    The system provides interfaces for callers who require public operator assistance and delivers enhanced customer service at substantial cost savings.

    DIGITEL said it expects to provide services to its customers in June.

    SPEECHtel combines with Ericsson AB's Intelligent Network, a switch-based operator system, and Ericsson's IVR platform to form an advanced service node.

    The system includes a comprehensive suite of applications, the company said. The applications use SpeechWare speech recognition technology developed by Vocalis.

    Crucial to the development of further advanced services, SPEECHtel systems use a fully flexible platform, engineered to international open telecommunications standards and capable of carrying future services.

    Before the introduction of SPEECHtel with Ericsson Advanced Service Node, each DIGITEL operator service had its own distinct telephone number and call center. Now all the services will be centrally controlled, with two new call centers in Manila to handle the calls.

    The SPEECHtel applications will contribute to increased efficiency and cost reductions for DIGITEL. And calls to the operator service will be cheaper if callers use the automated system.

    "DIGITEL is the first user of this integrated suite of SPEECHtel applications. Person-to-person calling is a very popular service in the Philippines and automation will benefit both users and the telephone operators through speeding up call handling times," said Charles Halle, CEO of Vocalis.

    "At Vocalis we enable network operators to select intelligent network services that are most appropriate to their own market conditions," he added.

    "In choosing Network Intelligence as the way forward, DIGITEL recognized the tremendous flexibility and efficiency it offers to network operators. The complementary speech driven technology from the Vocalis SPEECHtel platform and applications suite will enable network operators to enhance customer services," said Per Jomer, vice president and general manager for Network Intelligence at Ericsson.

    (Margarita Roa, Asia BizTech Correspondent)

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