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  • DVD-RAM to Be Unified into Universal Media
  • April 28, 1998 (TOKYO) -- The DVD Forum, which regulates digital video disk standards, is unifying DVD-RAM as universal media that can record personal computer data and audio-visual data.
    Pioneer Electronic Corp. and Victor Co. of Japan Ltd. were considering selling DVD-ReWritable (DVD-RW) as a medium capable of recording AV data, but agreed not to so as to avoid confusion in the DVD market with too many standards.

    Those manufacturers tentatively agreed to position DVD-RW as authoring media only. DVD-RW will be standardized as the sixth format of DVD as early as October.

    DVD-RW is mass capacity media that can rewrite data approximately 1,000 times. Most of the data recorded on DVD-RW can be replayed on existing DVD players or DVD-ROM drives, and record 4.7GB, the same capacity as DVD-Video.

    However, usage will be limited by the makers. It will be considered as media to supplement DVD-R, which can record one time only.

    Although Pioneer acted to avoid splitting-up of the DVD camp this time, it will wait for the proper timing to once again propose using DVD-RW in AV equipment.

    It still will be a bumpy road for DVD-RAM to become universal media, because Sony plans to sell a disk recorder for AV data that differs from DVD Forum guidelines. With a capacity of around 10GB, it may be released as early as the end of 1999.

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