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  • Philips, Chung Hwa to Start 19-in. CRT Production
  • August 4, 1998 (TAIPEI) -- Philips Taiwan Ltd. announced plans to begin producing 19-in. cathode-ray tubes (CRTs) in September, following the lead of Japanese makers.
    Chung Hwa Picture Tubes Co., Ltd. also said it will introduce the same product soon.

    Industry observers said the above development will help the island to systematically reduce dependence on the Japanese for its supply of high-grade display components.

    A Philips spokesman said the 19-in. CRT, which provides a larger screen angle, will progressively come to replace the conventional 17-in. CRT.

    The company's Tapeng factory is scheduled to start production in September, with monthly capacity set at 600,000 units.

    Chung Hwa said it plans to start production at the end of this year.

    Japan's Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. introduced a 19-in. CRT at the end of 1997, triggering a wave of enthusiasm for the research and development of this product on the domestic market.

    Philips attributed the increasing demand for larger CRTs to the introduction of new software such as Windows, multimedia and the Internet, which lend themselves to larger monitors.

    The demand for 19-in. products, however, was slower than expected during the first half of this year due to an overall market slump. Consumers have been taking a wait-and-see attitude toward computer peripherals purchases.

    (Commercial Times, Taiwan)

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