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  • Electronic-Commerce Becoming More Popular in Taiwan
  • August 10, 1998 (TAIPEI) -- Business to business electronic-commerce (B2B EC) applications in Taiwan are concentrated on cataloguing and electronic data interchange (EDI), and nearly 40 percent of respondents to a survey undertaken by the Market Intelligence Center of the Institute for Information Industry (MIC/III) said that they will use e-commerce to strengthen their customer service.
    Because using corporate extranets requires changing the ways that business is conducted, B2B EC development in Taiwan has been oriented toward cost reduction and increased efficiency so as to produce immediate results.

    Typically, electronic cataloging and EDI require relatively few organizational changes. In addition to reducing paperwork and postage costs and speeding up document transfers, the potential exists for expanding into quoting prices and placing orders online.

    Chart: Current Applications of B2B EC in Taiwan

    * Estimate

    Source: MIC/III, ITIS

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