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  • Taiwan CD-ROM Drive Makers Offer 40x and Faster Models
  • August 11, 1998 (TAIPEI) -- Even though 40x CD-ROM drives only hit the market recently, products of higher speed are already emerging.
    Taiwan manufacturers are planning to introduce 44x, 48x and 50x models, and that would end speculation that 40x is the ceiling for CD-ROM drive speed.

    Such fierce competition in speed is closely related to the delayed debut of DVD players.

    Just like other information products, CD-ROM drives need the introduction of new products to stimulate demand.

    As DVD products have failed to appear in the market in large volumes, however, CD-ROM drive makers have had to attract customers by continually upgrading product speed.

    Taiwan companies such as AOpen Inc., Behavior Tech Computer Corp., Asustek Computer Inc. and Ultima Electronics Corp. have all begun offering 40x CD-ROM drives. AOpen, however, has developed a 44x model.

    Acer Peripherals, Inc., another affiliate of Acer Inc., is ready to manufacture 48x CD-ROM drives.

    Behavior Tech plans to elevate CD-ROM drive speed to 50x or even 60x with the assistance of software.

    These companies are all heading toward higher product speed, but their detailed strategies still vary.

    Some have decided to make 44x CD-ROM drives, while others have chosen to start with 48x models.

    The former group argues that 40x and 44x models are actually products of the same level, but it is easier to market products of higher speed.

    Those who have decided to make 48x CD-ROM drives believe that 40x and 48x models will eventually be transitional products, so it is better to start with products of higher speed.

    (Commercial Times, Taiwan)

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