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  • Kanebo Delays Commercializing Batteries for Notebook PCs
  • August 13, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Kanebo Ltd. said that shipments of its polyacene secondary batteries for use in notebook PCs and other electronic devices will be delayed until after 2000.
    The company has revised its business strategy for polyacene secondary batteries that use organic semiconductor polyacene as the cathodes of lithium-ion secondary batteries, according to Kanebo officials.

    The company previously said that using polyacene as cathodes instead of conventional carbonic material could raise the energy density of lithium-ion secondary batteries by as much as 1.5 times to 450 Watt hour per liter. Since then, Kanebo has attracted substantial attention among battery and capacitor makers.

    However, Kanebo's initial plan to start mass production and shipments as early as 1998 has been revised.

    Targeting use in notebook PCs and other electronic devices, many companies are entering into the lithium-ion secondary battery market, and market prices are falling. Therefore, Kanebo decided it would be difficult to generate profits by shipping those products at this time. The company is continuing its development of polyacene secondary batteries having higher energy density than the current level of 450 Wh/l.

    Kanebo will commercialize polyacene secondary batteries with high energy density after 2000, and will monitor market trends.

    As for its business strategy, the company is emphasizing a move to extend its market for button-type polyacene secondary batteries, or capacitor-type batteries, and is focusing on power source backups for mobile phones and other products, company officials said.

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