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  • New Viruses Boost July Computer Infections in Japan 39 Pct.
  • August 14, 1998 (TOKYO) -- New viruses caused damage from computer infections in Japan to rise to 191 cases in July, up 39 percent over the previous month.
    The Information-technology Promotion Agency of Japan (IPA) issued the results in its computer virus report in Japan for July 1998. According to the report, since February 1998, the average reported virus accidents was around 150 per month, but there was a sudden increase in July.

    Still, the number is down 46 percent compared with the same month of 1997, when there were 353 reported cases and a monthly average of 300 for the year.

    One of the reasons for the July damage is the prevalence of relatively new viruses. There were 34 cases reportedly infected by "Extras," a macro virus for Excel files discovered in May 1998. That was the second-largest number following "Laroux"-related cases. There was only one case of Extras-related damage in May and four in June.

    "Extras" infects the Excel start folder and disables subsequently created files and updated files as well as the tool bars of Excel.

    There were 15 reported cases of "AutoStart9805" for Macintosh computers. The virus was found in May 1998. The 15 cases is the largest number for execute-type viruses. "AutoStart9805" will force a Macintosh computer to reboot or destroy files.

    All of these viruses can be detected and cleaned by retail virus software products. Users of these products will be provided with the latest virus detection engine through the Internet or other means.

    The increase in new virus infections may be due to users neglecting to update their software to the latest virus detection engine.

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