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  • Personal Computers with Windows 98 Enjoy Brisk Sales
  • August 19, 1998 (TOKYO) -- The Japanese version of Windows 98 has been selling at a brisk pace since it was introduced on July 25, and some stores are even complaining about low supplies of the standard version.
    Personal computers pre-installed with Windows 98 are enjoying good sales, and some large PC shops are posting double-digit year-on-year gains in PC sales.

    Sales of the upgrade version of Windows 98 accounted for about 90 percent of the total, and the standard version accounted for about 10 percent. The figures match the percentages of shipments of the two versions by Microsoft Co., Ltd. of Japan. The standard version is in short supply, and many shops have customer waiting lists.

    A major reason for the short supply is that some users with Windows 95 prefer to buy the standard version because it is easier to install than the upgrade version, according to officials at large PC shops.

    Sales of "Plus!98," a suite of software for enhanced functions, are as robust as sales of Windows 98. "In many cases, users who received a free upgrade from PC makers purchase Plus!98 alone," said an official at T. ZONE Minami, a major PC shop.

    New PCs pre-installed with Windows 98 are also selling well. Helped by the brisk sales, Laox The Computer Kan, a major PC shop in Akihabara, Tokyo, posted a 20-percent year-on-year gain in unit sales in the first half of August. T. ZONE Minami enjoyed similar sales. Joshin Denki Co., Ltd. which is based in Nipponbashi, Osaka, has been posting double-digit year-on-year gains in unit sales at its shops that have operated for more than a year.

    The most popular PCs equipped with Windows 98 are made by NEC Corp. Of the company's desktop PCs, those in short supply are NEC's ValueStar NX VC series, which have liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors, and the ValueStar VE series comprising space-saving, low-priced models.

    Of NEC's notebook PCs, LaVieNX LW23, which has a large 13.3-in. thin-film transistor-LCD, is in short supply. NEC attributes the short supply to its low projection of demand for Windows 98. To deal with the strong demand, NEC has moved up its production schedule by operating its plants even on holidays.

    Other popular models are the all-in-one notebook-type FMV-BIBLO NE series produced by Fujitsu Ltd., Mebius Notebook PC-PJ1, a thin, B5-size PC produced by Sharp Corp., and Sony Corp.'s notebook-type VAIO PCG-800 series equipped with the Pentium II microprocessor. Amid the short supply of these models, PC shops are competing to secure the products.

    "Thanks to the great popularity of Windows 98, strong PC sales are expected to continue until the end of August," said an official at Laox The Computer Kan.

    This view is generally shared by other PC shop operators.

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