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  • Fujitsu Business Systems Starts PC Refurbishing Service
  • August 19, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Fujitsu Business Systems Ltd. (FJB), an affiliate of Fujitsu Ltd., started offering a service called "Reuse Support" for refurbishing used personal computers.
    The service is listed on the menu of "Green Eco Services" included in "FJB Network One Stop Services" provided by Fujitsu Business Systems.

    For corporate users not experienced in dealing with older model PCs, the service gives advice on replacing the microprocessor, adding memory, and other tasks for prolonging the lives of such older PCs. Users can purchase replacement components or have the PCs cleaned.

    A Windows 3.1 PC with a 486 microprocessor, for example, can be rebuilt as a Web machine with Linux or FreeBSD, free UNIX operating systems.

    A Windows 95 PC with a Pentium microprocessor can be upgraded to run on a Pentium II microprocessor using the Windows 98 operating system.

    Fujitsu Business Systems also offers "PC Take-Back Support," a service for returning unused personal computers and peripherals. Another service that it offers is "Office Eco Service," which provides suggestions on countermeasures against smoke, electromagnetic radiation and high frequencies to protect the office environment.

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