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  • IBM Japan Improves S/390 G5 Server Prior to Shipment
  • August 27, 1998 (TOKYO) -- IBM Japan Ltd. improved the performance of its System/390 Enterprise Server G5 prior to shipment, informed sources said.
    The shipment of the G5, which was announced in May, is scheduled for in September. Its processing power was increased by nearly 9 percent from the capability initially announced. It is unusual for the performance of a product to be changed so close to its release.

    G5 has three types of processors: one is for six lower-end models, another is for eight mid-level models and the third is for three higher-end models.

    At the May announcement by IBM Japan, the six lower-end models had a single processor capability estimated at 106 million instructions per second (MIPS). According to estimates by Nikkei Computer, that will be turned up to 115 MIPS for the September shipment. This will cause performance of the six low-end models to be 87 MIPS (RA6, one processor) to 380 MIPS (RD6, four processors).

    As for the eight mid-level models, their single processor capability was estimated to be 106 MIPS in May, but will be enhanced to be 125 MIPS, Nikkei Computer estimates. As a result, the performance of the eight mid-level models will be 335 MIPS (R36, three processor) to 888 MIPS (RX6, 10 processors).

    The performance of processors for the three high-end models already were announced.

    (Nikkei Computer)

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