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  • Fujitsu Develops Lower-Cost, High Resolution Wall TV Panels
  • August 28, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Fujitsu Ltd. developed an innovative technology to produce lower-cost plasma display panels (PDP) with a high resolution, a company spokesman said.
    With the new panel driving technology called Alternate Lighting of Surface (ALiS), the company can produce PDPs for high-definition televisions (HDTV) with about 1,000 scanning lines using a conventional process and the same number of driver microchips used to produce the previous model with about 500 scanning lines.

    On the previous panel, in order to prevent malfunctions, the manufacturer put a space between two scanning electrodes to light and not light alternately.

    The ALiS technology limits this mutual interference and makes all the spaces light. In other words, there are twice as many scanning lines on the new PDP as the previous model, even though the number of scanning electrodes is the same on the both models.

    In addition, the luminance of the new PDP is 1.5-times higher than that of the previous model. The entire lighting area on the new model with scanning electrodes placed uniformly is larger than that on the previous one, whose lighting area was smaller than the non-lighting area.

    Shunsuke Matsuyama, general manager of the firm's PDP division, expects the new technology to allow lower-cost, high-definition PDPs to be more widely used at households.

    While the darkroom contrast ratio of the prototype is 250:1, lower than that of the previous model, the company aims to widen the contrast ratio to 500:1 in preparation for its volume production. It will do so by reducing precharge.

    Power consumption has remained the same as the previous model at 250W. In the future, the maker will cut the consumption by improving the efficiency of light emission.

    In April 1999, using ALiS technology, Fujitsu plans to release a 42-in. PDP model with 1,024 x 1,024 pixels for TVs. It also plans to commercialize 55-in. and 36-in. panels.

    The company is also considering adopting the technology as well to produce a VGA-quality PDPs, in addition to a high-definition television PDP.

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