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  • Nippon Research Surveys Audience Rates for Home Pages
  • August 28, 1998 (TOKYO) - Nippon Research Center Inc. in July conducted Japan's first survey on audience rates for Internet home pages.
    It will disclose the survey results in mid-September, company officials announced.

    The survey was conducted in four weeks in July on 550 Internet users. The marketing survey company had the Internet users monitor corporate home pages.

    The survey is the first of this scale conducted by a neutral, third-party organization. Industry observers hope the survey will be an indicator with which they can make objective comparisons of the value of each home page as a medium.

    Masafumi Tominaga, president of the research center, said his company will establish its own survey method based on the survey, and it aims to be the only survey company that is a third-party organization for audience rates for the Internet in Japan.

    The firm was set up in 1960 with an aim of conducting surveys on the effect of advertisements in newspapers and other media. Currently, Ajinomoto Co., Inc., Toyota Motor Corp., Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. and 17 other companies invested in the firm.

    The company will announce in its report a ranking of the top 100 most-accessed sites, the total number of users who accessed each site, accesses by the hour and users' attributes.

    The survey results will be disclosed for free. The company plans to charge for future survey results.

    It expects search engine firms, network providers that operate a virtual shopping mall, companies and advertising agencies planning to place banner ads on such home pages to be its customer.

    In the future, the company will analyze trends and create reports for individual customers, the officials said.

    The survey firm collected and analyzed data using a system jointly developed with HyperTak Inc. of the United States. Data were collected with "Net Rover" software installed on monitors' PCs and "Net Surveyer" running on the firm's server.

    Net Rover constantly confirms operations of a Web browser, and transfers both a URL of a home page displayed on the browser and the access time as one record to Net Surveyer at any time. Using this method, the company collected a total of 1.09 million records in four weeks.

    The company randomly selected the monitors, who accessed the Internet for more than three hours per week, from about 6,700 users invited publicly for its various Internet-based questionnaire surveys. They used Windows 95-based PCs.

    Users registered with the company attributes such as their age, sex and access point beforehand. The survey company added up the data by matching access data and attributes. It uses data only as statistical figures to protect users' privacy.

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