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  • Apple Japan Names 18 Companies as New "iMAC" Distributors
  • August 28, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Apple Japan Inc. named 18 large personal computer distributors in Japan, including Laox Co., Ltd. and Sofmap Co., Ltd., to promote its new "iMac" to consumers.
    eduled to be launched on Aug. 29 in Japan.

    Apple already said it intends to restrict retailers entitled to handle the iMac model because it places importance on their role in proposing solutions to purchasers. Three companies, including Ado Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd., were selected earlier to sell iMac. The announcement this time brings the total number of retailers to 21.

    A host of PC retailers have stopped accepting advanced orders for iMac from customers.

    Even Shimamura Music, which was quick to sign a distributor agreement with Apple Japan, has been declining to accept advanced orders because, "We have no idea how many units of iMac will be delivered, and we cannot promise our customers we can hand over iMacs to them on the day they reserved."

    Ado Electronic Industrial intends to prioritize delivery of new arrivals to users who reserved in advance. However, the company stopped accepting new reservation orders, and instead, decided to place orders as they are made after the Aug. 29 launch.

    As to the supply conditions, retailers agree that it is difficult to know how things will turn out. However, each retailer appears to be in a different situation.

    "All we can do is to secure the number of units we have for orders already accepted in advance," Sofmap said.

    "We may be able to secure what we expect to sell on the first day of the launch," Laox said.

    Commenting on retailers which stopped taking advanced orders, "That's solely retailers' own judgment. In any case, Apple never acknowledged the advanced order system," Apple said.

    Apple and contracted distributors plan to frequently exchange information on the status of deliveries and sales.

    "We will never fall into a situation where delivery takes several months from order placement. iMac will be produced in accordance with consumer demand, not like the World Cup tickets that were in limited numbers," Apple explained.

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