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  • Novell Japan Announces FY99 Product Sales Strategy
  • December 2, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Novell Japan Ltd. announced its sales strategy and schedule of product releases for its 1999 business year, which started Nov. 1, 1998.
    As for its marketing strategy, Novell Japan will increase the number of its marketing and sales staff by 20 percent. It seeks to reinforce direct communications with end-users through marketing activities that focus on visiting client locations and holding seminars.

    "There is a clear distinction between the Application Server OS market and the Network Server OS market in Europe and the United States," said Philip K. Welch, president of Novell Japan. "On the other hand, the Japanese market is still mixing the two types of OS products into one market, which is simply called the server OS market. Above all, the whole Japanese market is on Windows NT."

    "Novell plans to reinforce its sales activities by emphasizing the merits of our network server OS (NetWare), so that customers will use the right product in the right place," he added.

    However, Welch didn't elaborate on actual figures and other detailed information.

    In fiscal 1999, Novell Japan will release 11 products with middleware as a main line. New products will include a directory service product called NDS, and a desktop management tool called Z.E.N works.

    Those products to be released this business year will correspond to NetWare 5. Specifically, it will release Novell Replication Services 1.21, a new version of a file server enhancement tool, by the end of December. The company plans to release Z.E.N works 1.1, a desktop management tool, and ManageWise 2.6, a network management tool, in January 1999.

    In March 1999, Novell will deliver the following three products: a directory service product corresponding to Solaris, NDS for Solaris 2.0; a new version of NetWare 4 (NetWare 4.2) that is compatible with NetWare 5; and a new version of an NDS-adopted network service product called BorderManager Enterprise Edition 3.

    Another product launch is planned in the February-July period, of NDS for NT 2.1, a new version of a directory service product corresponding to Windows NT.

    Also, Novell will deliver a new version of groupware called GroupWise 5.5 in mid 1999.

    Set to be released in the second half of fiscal 1999 are a NetWare package for small businesses or SOHO markets called NetWare 5 for Small Business; an upgraded version of Z.E.N 1.1 called Z.E.N works 5; and a new version of ManageWise 2.6 called ManageWise Suite.

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