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  • Intel Japan to Set Guidelines for Enterprise Systems in Jan.
  • December 4, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Intel KK of Japan announced Dec. 1 a plan to complete its guidelines for building systems with the "IA server" by the end of January 1999.
    Based on the guidelines, Intel will promote the IA server as part of its marketing activities, it was learned through the Enterprise Computing Association (ECA).

    Intel is developing the Merced microprocessor featuring a 64-bit RISC architecture called IA-64. The ECA is a user association established to disseminate information on enterprise systems configured with an IA server incorporating the Merced microprocessor.

    Intel Japan invited client companies to join the ECA, which began operations in May 1998.

    In July 1998, with the approach of the IA server's debut, the ECA conducted a survey of general corporate users on their views of PC servers and how they actually use such servers.

    As a result, it was learned that many of them intended to utilize PC servers to build their enterprise systems. On the other hand, many users were deploying PC servers in ways that were not optimal, said Intel Japan.

    For example, slightly more than 30 percent of them had no contracts for PC server maintenance. And 40 percent used PC servers in their offices under the same conditions as desktop PCs, without installing them in a computer center. Moreover, 60 percent did not utilize redundant array of independent disks (RAID) for storage.

    To address such issues, Intel Japan decided to establish the guidelines on building such systems.

    The guidelines will stipulate the IA server's role within a system, procedures for system design, development and building steps, and care for operations and maintenance.

    Intel Japan outlined the system build guidelines at a PC server seminar held Dec. 1. Also, the company will ascertain user reactions at an ECA meeting on Dec. 18.

    In late January, Intel will finalize the "IA Server High Availability Guidelines Ver.1.0" and release the guidelines.

    A total of 11 companies are members of the ECA. They include Sanwa Bank Ltd., Bridgestone Corp., Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Trust & Banking Corp., Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. and Yamato System Development Co., Ltd. Also, Nomura Research Institute Ltd. is responsible for system integration and benchmark tests.

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