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  • Nikon Releases Stepper for 0.18-0.15 Micron Rule ICs
  • December 4, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Nikon Corp. displayed a step-and-repeat (stepper) scanning system for 0.18-0.15 micron design rule microchips at the SEMICON Japan 98, a semiconductor manufacturing equipment and material exhibition, held through Dec. 4.
    Its NSR-S203B stepper will go on sale at the end of December. Among similar products for 0.18-0.15 micron design rule, Canon Inc. is already selling a model with the numerical aperture (NA) of 0.68 and ASM Lithography of the Netherlands is marketing a machine with an NA of 0.70.

    Nikon, Japan's largest manufacturer of stepper systems, is following suit.

    With new scanning-type stepper product lines being presented by leading manufacturers, the market appears to be converging on scanning steppers featuring NA levels of 0.68-0.70.

    The alignment accuracy of Nikon's new machine is 40nm, with a throughput of 85 wafers an hour (of 200mm wafers). The area of exposure is 25mm x 33mm.

    Nikon's new machine can be used for 200mm wafers as well as 300mm wafers.

    The price is about 850 million yen (US$6.9 million), according to Nikon.

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