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  • Japan Linux Users Group to Form League in April 1999
  • December 8, 1998 (TOKYO) -- The Japan Linux Users Group (JLUG) said it plans to establish in April 1999 a league that aims to broaden the use of Linux and protect intellectual property rights.
    The new group is tentatively called the "Japan Linux Association." Linux users and vendors are expected to join the association.

    Accelerated commercial use of Linux is the major reason behind the establishment of the association. Traditional support offered for free software like Linux has its limits. As a result, unavoidable problems related to intellectual property rights have surfaced.

    In June, Pacific HiTech Inc. submitted an application to register "Linux" as a trade mark in Japan in order to protect Linux from being used under another trade mark. However, individual users and other vendors are strongly opposed to the move.

    For the Japan Linux Users Group, a voluntary user group, it has become increasingly difficult to appropriately cope with issues related to Linux's market penetration and protection of intellectual property rights. Because of this, and to broaden group's activities with other user groups and vendors, it was decided to form the Japan Linux Association.

    The association's main activities include: (1) retaining property resources to be shared; (2) providing support for expansion; (3) disclosing, exchanging and collecting information; and (4) communicating and coordinating participating individuals and groups.

    Notable time tables are forming a core team in December 1998, announcing the establishment plan on Dec. 18, 1998 and inaugurating the association on April 1, 1999.

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