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  • U.S., Japanese Groups Team on Business Object Standards
  • December 24, 1998 (TOKYO) -- The Consortium for Business Object Promotion (CBOP) announced that it is teaming with the U.S. Object Management Group (OMG).
    The CBOP has a membership that exceeds 100 companies, including key Japanese software vendors, and the OMG has more than 800 corporate members.

    The two organizations will reportedly extend reciprocal membership rights, and plan to make concerted efforts to standardize business objects as well as to improve the distribution of business objects.

    Business objects refer to software components that can be reused as parts of software programs utilized in business. Development periods can be reduced when using libraries of business objects, and the overall efficiency of maintenance can be enhanced.

    The CBOP and the OMG agreed to five specific items, as follows:

    (1) Members of each group are entitled to enjoy the other group's membership status at the highest level, including the right to propose standard specifications.

    (2) In line with a meeting of the technical committee (TC Meeting) in May 1999, the OMG will hold a joint workshop for standardization of business objects in an alliance with the CBOP.

    (3) The CBOP will seek to achieve widespread use in Japan of Unified Modeling Language (UML) for analysis and design work, which was specified by the OMG.

    (4) The CBOP will join the OMG's Domain Task Force (DTF) as an equal-status partner for promoting establishment of standard specifications for business objects in each business sector and application field.

    (5) The CBOP will be given a chance to make presentations on its activities in the TC Meeting due to be held five times a year.

    In addition, the groups have agreed to respect each other in terms of standard specifications that have been adopted by either organization.

    The CBOP is a consortium founded in December 1997 by industry and academia to distribute and promote the use of business objects in Japan. It is expected that 113 companies will be registered with the CBOP in 1998.

    The organization includes most key software vendors in Japan.

    The OMG consists of major U.S. companies, such as Microsoft Corp. and IBM Corp., as well as Japanese enterprises including NEC Corp., Hitachi Ltd. and Fujitsu Ltd. Those Japanese corporate members also have a prominent role in OMG operations.

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