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  • Nikon Revises FY98 IC Stepper Projection Downward
  • February 3, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Nikon Corp. said it will revise downward its original projection for shipments of microchip steppers for fiscal 1998.

    It expects to sell 200 units of KrF excimer laser steppers and 200 units of i-line steppers.

    In September 1997, Nikon had planned to sell 350-400 units of KrF excimer laser steppers and 300 units of i-line steppers, to total 650-700 units, in fiscal 1998.

    However, a downward revision is necessary because Korean and Japanese IC makers are cutting investments and some Taiwanese IC producers may go bankrupt, Nikon said.

    Among the 200 units of KrF steppers expected to be sold in fiscal 1998, sales of scan and step systems are estimated to comprise about half of total sales.

    Nikon expects to sell a total of 150 units of KrF steppers and 300 units of i-line steppers in fiscal 1997, which ends March 31.

    Along with the downward correction, Nikon may reduce its plan to increase manufacturing capacity. Its initial investment plan had been to increase both the production capacities of KrF steppers and i-line steppers to 500 units by 2000, up from a KrF stepper capacity of 200 units and an i-line stepper capacity of 350 units.

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