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  • LG Develops Ball Grid Array Semicon Package
  • February 9, 1998 (SEOUL) -- LG Semicon Co., Ltd. unveiled a new semiconductor package called a high-power ball grid array that improves the process of laying microchips on a circuit board.

    With the ball grid array technology, chip designers can change the position of circuit leads from the chip's sides to its bottom, thus increasing the number of available leads.

    Moreover, LG's new package was designed to effectively let out heat from an activating chip, helping reduce chip malfunctions.

    The company also said its new packaging technology is applicable to its present facility lines without a structural change, leading to a 60 percent reduction in manufacturing costs. Conventional packaging processes need US$10 million in extra equipment.

    In particular, the new technology can package four to eight chips at one time, which helps increase the production of semiconductors, the company said.

    (Maeil Business Newspaper, Korea)

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