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  • Cost-Conscious PC Makers Turn to Non-Intel Processors
  • February 13, 1998 (TAIPEI) -- The low-price trend in the personal computer industry is encouraging Taiwan PC makers to use non-Intel Corp. microprocessors.

    This, in turn, has led to increased competition between other leading microprocessor makers, such as Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) and Cyrix Corp.

    Twinhead International Corp. said it plans to install either AMD's K6166 or Cyrix's GXm 166 microprocessors in its new notebook models.

    With a 20x CD-ROM drive and a 2.1GB hard disk, Twinhead's products will be priced between US$1,000 and US$1,500.

    Clevo Computer also plans to begin using either the GXm or the K6 in its notebooks from the third quarter of 1998.

    Cyrix reportedly will introduce a new generation of GXmx products that will enable Clevo to keep its notebooks in the same price range as those of Twinhead.

    The microprocessor is a key component that in large part determines the price level of a computer. Industry statistics show that the microprocessor accounts for 20 percent of a computer's total cost.

    Since 1997, local systems firms have been actively evaluating and testing the quality of non-Intel microprocessors and developing related components.

    Since the beginning of 1998, more firms have worked out plans to produce and market products with new specifications that use lower-priced microprocessors.

    Acer Inc., the local PC market leader, is one of the few companies that has decided to continue using the Pentium MMX in its notebook computers priced at less than US$1,500.

    With the Pentium model, Acer said it feels confident that it will be able to grab 50 percent of the market.

    Yet in other models, Acer also will use lower-priced microprocessors. In the Aptiva desktop that it produces for IBM Corp., for instance, Acer will use AMD's K6 266.

    (Commercial Times, Taiwan)

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