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  • Nikon to Upgrade Existing Microchip Stepper Equipment
  • February 17, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Nikon Corp., the largest maker of microchip step-and-repeat process equipment (steppers), said it will expand its business to upgrade steppers already in use.

    The company said it has complied with many requests for improvements from microchip makers. Nikon plans to increase its sales in the upgrade business from 5 billion yen (US$40.2 million) in 1997 to 10 billion yen (US$80.4 million) in 1998.

    Specifically, Nikon intends to enhance the throughput of steppers and improve alignment accuracy levels so that earlier-model steppers can be used on leading-edge microchip manufacturing lines.

    (Nikkei Microdevices)

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