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  • Average Retail Prices of Desktop, Notebook PCs Rise
  • February 23, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Average retail prices of personal computers at major PC shops as of Jan. 20 reached 243,537 yen (US$1,930) for desktop/tower type PCs, for a 3.5 percent increase or up 8,276 yen (US$66) compared with December, and 274,373 yen (US$2,1780) for notebooks, up 3.1 percent or 8,297 yen (US$66).
    Nikkei Best PC, a PC guide, conducts surveys on prices of major PC models at 16 leading PC shops in the Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya areas, and it reports the results in every issue. Nikkei Market Access, a membership data service, then calculates the average PC shop prices by type. (See chart.)

    Prices are typically stable in December, and then they usually decline in the following month due to inventory adjustment prior to stocking new models released in February.

    However, a different trend was observed at the end of 1997 because prices already declined by about 5 percent in December, from the previous month, making it difficult for retailers to provide discounts due to thin margins. The average January retail prices even increased before the new releases in February.

    Many shops are selling both old and new products in February. The February offerings include various low-priced models, which are likely to bring the average February shop prices down if such models are well received.

    The average prices by shop and model as of Jan. 20 are available in Japanese in the February issue of Nikkei Best PC, published on Feb. 13.

    Chart : Average retail prices of PCs

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    (Nikkei Market Access)

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