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  • Yamato Launches Internet Parcel-Tracking Service
  • February 26, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. is offering a service for customers to track their parcels on an Internet Web site.
    The service, which covers almost all parcels the company handles, including "Takkyubin" home delivery parcels, allows customers to get information on parcel delivery by inputting numbers on an order slip.

    Each of pages on the Web site can show the parcel's trail results, along with the addresses and phone numbers of the company's sales outlets that customers placed orders, a table of services it offers, such as Takkyubin and moving, and a price list of those services.

    Yamato said it delivers an average 2 million Takkyubin parcels a day, and 5 million a day during peak seasons.

    The Web site could help make Yamato's customer service more effective. The number of inquiries from customers averages 100,000 a day and tops 400,000 in December, the peak delivery time.

    To cope with such a huge amount of parcel-tracking data, Yamato is using an IBM Japan Ltd. S/390 parallel-processing server.

    This is the first time Yamato is using a mainframe as a server for a Web site, IBM Japan officials said.

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