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  • NEC Electronics Wins Display of the Year Award
  • February 26, 1998 (BOSTON) -- NEC Electronics Inc. won the Displays' Annual Display of the Year Award from Information Display magazine and the Society for Information.
    The company's 42-inch plasma display panel was honored for its innovation, commercial significance and likely social impact. NEC Electronics of Santa Clara, CA, is a subsidiary of Japan's NEC Corp.

    Targeted for flat TV and public information applications, the large panel was introduced in January 1997. NEC also manufactures a 33-inch PDP for business applications.

    "The by-laws of the Display of the Year Awards Committee specify that social significance is a very important characteristic for a winning display, "said Ken Werner, editor of Information Display magazine.

    "That means it's not enough for a winner to be an exercise in technology -- no matter how brilliant. It must also have a favorable impact on the general public."

    All displays were nominated by a 15-member award committee, which included representatives from market research firms, the editorial community, academia and the display manufacturing arena. NEC's 42-inch plasma display is targeted for use in markets including flat televisions, public information products and business applications such as presentations, CAD/CAM and financial trading terminals.

    NEC has plasma display modules from 20-inch to 60-inch, supplementing its active-matrix liquid crystal display products. Currently, the company focuses on products for the home entertainment, business, education, information kiosks, financial trading, in-flight entertainment, industrial control, instrumentation, navigation and desktop monitor replacement markets.

    NEC's plasma and liquid crystal display technology allows manufacturers to produce larger, thinner and lighter displays that take up less space than existing CRT solutions, the company said. Plasma display technology also can be used in applications that do not have stringent weight requirements.

    (Lori Valigra, Asia BizTech Correspondent)

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