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  • Japan's Long Distance Phone Fees to Be Cut
  • January 7, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Domestic telecommunications service operators providing public-private-public network connections in Japan are likely to cut connection charges in early 1998. From Japan

    Mitsubishi Electric Information Network Corp. plans to lower its week day, daytime connection charges for distances exceeding 100km to 60 yen (US$0.45) from 70 yen (US$0.53) per 3 minutes sometime in January. A.T. Net Corp. will reduce its telephone charges for distances exceeding 100km to 58 yen (US$0.44) from 80 yen (US$0.60) per 3 minutes in February.

    Telephone charges of various operators providing domestic public- private-public connections have been 70 yen to 80 yen per 3 minutes on average on week days during the day. This year, the average public-private-public connection charge will approach that of the Internet telephone service, which is 50 yen (US$0.38) per 3 minutes.

    The companies' decisions to lower connection charges will help them compete with Tokyo Telephone (Tokyo Denwa), a new telephone service started by Tokyo Telecommunications Network Co., Inc., and with the reduction in long distance telephone charges to be started in February 1998 by NTT Corp. and new long-distance common carriers

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