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  • Major ISPs Providers to Try NTT's xDSL Field Test
  • January 16, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Major Internet services providers will participate in NTT Corp.'s digital subscriber line (xDSL) field test.

    The xDSL is a modem technology enabling high-speed communications of a few Mbps using existing copper wire.

    NTT plans to run the test using xDSL modems in Tokyo's Kanto and Osaka's Kansai regions from Feb. 20. NTT is inviting monitor users and providers wishing to participate in the test over the Internet.

    Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) Inc., Tokyo Internet Corp., NEC Corp., KDD Communications Inc. and Teleway Corp. decided to participate in the field test. DDI Corp. and AT&T; Jens Corp. are under consideration.

    There are some providers who decided not to participate the test, because they consider the test less beneficial to them.

    To join the xDSL field test, providers must take the router to an NTT exchange in addition to picking up telecom fees between their networks and NTT exchanges. Furthermore, the test services are not guaranteed to be launched commercially.

    Still, several major ISPs decided to join the test because of high expectations for the xDSL services. NEC said that it wants to use xDSL as a high-speed access circuit at low cost.

    NTT plans to give information on the participating ISPs on its Web site. Visitors can check the testing areas, the transmission speed for xDSL line set by each ISP, Internet connection rates during the test and interface conditions at the site.

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