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  • Only 4 Firms to Sell 266MHz-Pentium Notebooks
  • January 20, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Intel K.K., Intel Corp.'s Japan subsidiary, announced the release Jan. 13 of two new Pentium microprocessors intended to power notebook personal computers: 266MHz and 166MHz versions of its Pentium MMX chips.

    Only four manufacturers have announced plans to incorporate the microprocessors in new notebook PCs for release in the domestic market. The four are Akia Corp., Dell Computer Corp., Gateway 2000 Japan Inc. and Hitachi Ltd.

    Those manufacturers will install 266MHz microprocessors in new notebook PCs that will become the top-range models in each of their product lines.

    However, apart from the higher processing speed of 266MHz, no additional features will be included to enhance the functions or performance of the products.

    The least expensive new PC models, from Dell, will retail for 394,800 yen (US$3,060), and the most expensive, from Hitachi, will be priced at 788,000 yen (US$6,110).

    No manufacturer has announced plans to employ the 166MHz version of the new processor in a notebook PC.

    In recent years, when Intel has announced the launch of a new microprocessor, major PC makers tend to act in unison by announcing releases of new models featuring the latest chips.

    For example, in September 1997, when Intel launched new 233MHz and 200MHz versions of the Pentium, 13 PC makers said that they would market new PCs using those chips, and all on the same day.

    However, this time around, many companies have decided to delay making any new product announcements for marketing reasons. For instance, Fujitsu Ltd., which has not yet revealed plans to use the new chips, is not sure how PCs with the new microprocessors would fit into its line.

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